Install Google Pixel ROM on Redmi Note 3 |Tech-The Hard Way

Hello guys!Now this time we’ll showing how to install the all new latest Google Pixel rom on Redmi Note 3.This rom is based on Lineage OS with many added features like Google Assistant etc. which are not available on many other roms.So let’s get started.


  • Redmi Note 3 [SD Variant]. (Obviously!)
  • Unlocked Bootloader.
  • TWRP Installed.

Required Files:

Note: We need to download only this file and GApps is not required.This rom comes prebundled with GApps.So you need to flash only this file.Thanks to the developer mgeranimus for his awesome work.

Steps Involved:

  • First of all backup your data
  • Download all the required files from the link above and transfer them to your device’s internal storage or USB OTG drive.
  • Now boot your device into TWRP recovery mode.To do that,just turn the device off and then press and hold power and Volume Down button until you see the MI logo.Once you see the logo,just release the buttons and your device will boot into TWRP.
  • Once you boot into TWRP recovery,tap on backup button,select all the components and swipe to backup.And store that backup on your computer,so that if in case anything goes wrong,we can always restore the backup.
  • Now go to Wipe>>Advance Wipe and select everything except your internal memory,SD card and USB OTG.
  • Now press back button until you reach the main screen.Here tap on Install and browse the downloaded files.Click on the rom file i.e [20170207] PIXEL ROM by Now swipe to confirm flash.
  • Once you’re files are flashed,simply tap on the reboot button.And your device will boot into the Google Pixel rom.

[First boot always takes some time,so be patient and don’t panic.]

  • Once you reach the welcome screen,you need to setup the device like always and you’re done!

PS:The development on this rom has been stopped on 2017-03-14.I found some bugs like putting the flashlight on took more than 2-3 attempts etc.





Thread on XDA

Credits:  mgeranimus, XDA.

Hope this post helps you.Thanks for visiting the blog.


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