Fix “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing” Windows 7 Error | Tech-The Hard Way

Hello internet! Recently I tried installing windows 7 on my laptop and faced a missing driver issue and I finally found the solution for it.So I’ll be sharing that with you guys in this post.So let’s get started.

Actually there are many solutions.Few of them are:

  1. If you face this error then,try switching the USB port. This error also occurs if you have plugged in USB 2.0 into an USB 3.0 port.So try switching to other ports on your laptop.
  2. You can also use Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility.Just download the .zip from here and extract it to your installation media.If the error pops up during installation then,simply browser the drivers.

Note:There will be two  folders inside- x32 & x64.

3. Also if you can also set your USB option to legacy in BIOS setting.

4.Now the final solution which worked for me.First create the installation media using Windows 7 USB Download Tool or Rufus  and then download the Gigabyte Windows USB Installation tool.

Once downloaded extract it.Connect the USB to any working windows machine and run the program.You will see the following options,check them:

  • Add USB drivers to an offline windows 7 image.
  • Add NVMe drivers to an offline windows 7 image.
  • Add packages to an offline windows 7 image.

Now click on start and wait for the process to finish.That’s it.Now you can perform windows installation without any troubles.I have personally tested it.If you have any queries,do mention them in the comment section and I’ll try my best to help you.

I hope you found the post helpful. Thank you for visiting the blog. Have a nice day  🙂


Transfer Google Chrome Bookmarks from one PC to Another Without Sync | Tech-The Hard Way

Hello Everyone! In this post I’ll be showing you how to transfer google chrome bookmarks from one PC to another.It involves no syncing and all those stuff.It is pretty simple and straightforward.

So let’s do it!

Follow the steps below:

1. Open Google chrome,click on three vertical dots on top right corner.Go to Bookmark options and select Bookmark Manager.


2.Click on the top “organize” button and select “Export Bookmarks to HTML file” option.



3.Now select the location where you want to store your .HTML file.

4.In order to get this bookmarks on another PC,simply transfer the .HTML file to another system via thumb storage or using cloud.

5.Open Google Chrome on other PC.Again go to Bookmarks>Bookmarks Manager.

6.Now this time from the top option,select “Import from HTML file” option.

Congratulations! Now you have successfully transferred your google chrome bookmarks from one PC to another.

Thanks for visiting the blog! If you have any queries,do mention them in the comment section.And I’ll try my best to help you with the same.